Who and What

Welcome to the infinite realm of the internet. I will not be your guide, but I will try to help you understand how certain parts of it work. Cyber, security and warfare are intermixed in the current world and is an unavoidable part of contemporary international power relations.

My name is Gabrielė Niekytė, student, photographer, an aspiring journalist, and Lithuania is the country I call home. I’m currently studying War and Conflict at Swansea University, UK, as a part of Erasmus Mundus MA in Journalism, Media, and Globalisation. Being a curious person, vocal about the latest developments in the European East, I take this opportunity, this blog, to try to explain, the whats, whys and hows of information and psychological warfare we are experiencing online.

Sutemo is a word in Lithuanian, meaning the darkness has fallen, or it just got dark. For me, it represents the current state global society is, suddenly waking up to understand that the Internet everybody enjoyed freedom and boundlessness of has numerous dark corners and secrets, which can only get darker from there.

* * *

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