Let’s talk Yandex

VOA News (can’t really say I have heard that name before) recently shared a video talking about Yandex taxi system and it’s situation in Lithuania. The news got caught by international Social Media pages, promoting and spreading messages about Lithuania.  The video shows a regular taxi driver in Vilnius, the capital city, telling how he knows… Read More Let’s talk Yandex

Caught red-handed

Various reports and news articles keep announcing how hackers, sponsored by, usually, the Russian government, broke into one or another database, emails, “hacking elections“, and so forth. But one moment stands out – the indifference with which accused authority or group meets the news of them being caught. Have there been any apologies, explanations from… Read More Caught red-handed

How convenient is the Budapest Convention?

October this year started with a series of unfortunate reveals for Russia – military intelligence got caught planning a range of cyber attacks against a number of international units, as Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, and directed towards the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and its Defence and Science Technology Laboratory. It… Read More How convenient is the Budapest Convention?