Manipulation 101: History to be disputed

As I have already touched upon last time, manipulating the cracks inside society is an easy and effective measure for disrupting and dividing the people, making them lose trust in their own surroundings, neighbours and, most importantly, the government.

During the last week, the Western world has come to know a “new” buzzword – Active Measures (rus. Активные Мероприятия ), a semi-official code name for disinformation warfare employed by Russian intelligence to disrupt and destroy the Western world from inside, bluntly said. Vasili Mitrokhin described it as

Agent-operational measures aimed at exerting useful influence on aspects of the political life of a target country which are of interest, its foreign policy, the solution of international problems, misleading the adversary, undermining and weakening his positions, the disruption of his hostile plans, and the achievement of other aims.

Which at first sounds like some science fiction material from the Cold War era, hinting at espionage and spy operations. The main difference being, it is not actually all that new, exciting and true.

Using historical discourse and cracks in the society they effortlessly dismantle the unity in people and their trust in anything around them, without any backtracks. The most interesting playground for this sort of tactics was already used during WW2 and afterwards, especially in Soviet Russia’s combat against the resistance of occupied countries. 

The first part of the plan was to set up an underground network of communist groups or people, who fall into believing the bright tomorrow of equality and working-class prosperity, and even the brightest minds fall for hope in the presence of war. Therefore, funded by the Party and the central governing committee in Moscow, numerous groups were not only set up but also actively employed to distribute propaganda material in favour of Moscow, preparing for taking over of the government from Nazi occupation in case of a coup. And coups happened. What came next has been used as a tool for disputing, demeaning and disrupting the atrocities made by the Soviet Regime in all Eastern Europe.

The Moscow funded underground groups not only took over the local governments, they officially travelled to Moscow to give their allegiance to the Central Committee and the Communist Party, asking to accept the country ( – insert the name of the 15 republics – ) to the Soviet Union and follow the dream of utopian socialism. 

These are archived historical facts, undeniable and set in stone to those 15 republics that were set free after the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the difference is, Russia has never accepted even the idea of occupation and unlawful annexation of countries to the Soviet Union, basing their claims, especially today, that the republics actually came and asked to be included. (As I did last time, I will not link any news from Sputnik, RT, Balticnews or other delusional news websites because my aim is not to give them more traffic than they already have, Google is the best friend here!)

The worst thing is, these facts exploited by infowarfare engineers are only partially incorrect, therefore, anyone hesitating to trust the currently independent country’s narrative, anti-Russian anti-Soviet rhetoric can find a gap to thrive and foster, until time comes and they, gathered under the rock, would through it away and shout from all the lungs about how everything is just a conspiracy to exploit ordinary people. 

This is not propaganda, it is not hacking, intrusion or bald disinformation, these tools are much more sophisticated, unnoticeable and, at the same time, much more effective than anything ever created, and the power has been amplified by the power and magic of the Internet. Especially when societies rise up against themselves, without knowing, where this anger and dissatisfaction came from.

Few darkish thoughts for Friday night, isn’t it? A number of things to think about for sure.

Until the next time.

Stay awake and keep away from the trolls!


Cartoon credit @ Bakalavar

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